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  Welcome to MARCARIA.EU - European Union
 Provider of Trademark Registration and Domain Registration Services in European Union

Trademark Registration in European Union


To register a trademark in European Union, send us your trademark information, then our staff of Attourneys will file your application.
Our Attorneys will be monitoring the registration process of your trademark, and inform to you in case Trademark Office has any objection.
The Registration Certificate will be sent to you once your trademark is approved.

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What is a Trademark?

A name, symbol, or other device identifying a product or service, officially registered and legally restricted to the use of the owner .

What should I do in order to register my trademark?

  1. First we suggest you request a Trademark Comprehensive Study (Step 1) so you know the chances of trademark registration.
  2. After evaluating the probabilities of registration, you should continue with Trademark Registration Request; you can order this service directly in our website or send us an email with a completed form.
  3. Once your trademark has been accepted for registration, you'll be requested to order a Registration Certificate (step 3) so our attorneys perform lasts tasks in order to obtain and forward you the registration certificate. Please notice that in some countries this service Registration Certificate does not have cost.

Can I register my domain name as a trademark?

Yes you can and it is highly recommended. By registering your domain as a Registered Trademark you protect not only the name of your domain, but you also avoid having third parties register similar domain names to your trademark.



Domain Registration in European Union


In order to register your Domain Name in European Union, use our engine to check its availability.
We offer a control panel, where you can manage your domains, URL forwarding for free, and Linux based hosting plans, specially designed for your technical requirements.

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What is a Domain Name?

On the Internet, the Domain Name System ( DNS )associates various sorts of information with so-called domain names; most importantly, it serves as the "phone book" for the Internet: it translates human-readable computer hostnames, e.g., into the IP addresses that networking equipment needs for delivering information. It also stores other information such as the list of mail exchange servers that accept e-mail for a given domain. In providing a worldwide keyword-based redirection service, DNS is an essential component of contemporary Internet use.

What payment alternatives do I have?

The payment alternatives are Credit Card, PAYPAL, Bank deposits and checks. To perform payments through credit card you have two options, through our website forms where you will be able to enter credit card information in a safe environment, or to send us via fax email the information through a payment form that we will be forwarding you.

How do I register my domain name?

Go to, then under Domain registration, select the country code you with to register, then perform a search to verify that the name of the domain is available, then complete the registration form.



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