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Domain Registration Argentina - .AR Domain Names  

Register now your .AR domains in Argentina. Please enter below in our .AR domain search engine the term that you wish to register. If your .AR domain is available you will need to fill up a simple order form, payment options are: Credit Card, PAYPAL and Bank Deposit. In case you need a hosting plan the order form will give you the option to select a plan.
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DomainRegistration FeeYearsRegistration Fee
$ 65
Prices are in 
Change Currency
Extension(s)Registration timeDNS Modification FeeDNS Modification FeeTrustee PriceTrustee Price
.com.ar48 hours
$ 30

For .COM.AR domain registration, the administrative contact must be from Argentina. If you do not meet this requirement, we will provide our local information for the registration of your domain. This option has an additional cost (Trustee Service).

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International Domain Registration: Argentina

Registering a domain name is like getting a physical brick and mortar address for a business, online. International domains take it one step further; they provide users with another opportunity to contact your business and take advantage of the products and services offered. When determining a proper domain registration service and international domains, consider registering and Argentinian domain (.com.ar).

One of the benefits associated with an Argentina domain name include the security for potential clients in knowing that the business or contact person is located in Argentina. This is important as it establishes more trust and security for Argentinean users. When compared to a .com, .org or .net, .com.ar extends the reach of the website user base specifically to Argentina residents. One of the biggest concerns most business owners have when buying an international domain is the sale and exchange rate laws. All sales under a .com.ar domain name fall under Argentinean law. This is the best way to wave an Argentinean flag for all users, showing that the owner believes in a safe and secure browsing experience, backed by Argentina.

The Minesterio de Relaciones Exteriores Comercio International Y Culto or MRECIC is the domain registrar authority for the .com.ar extension, created for Argentina. There are several Argentina domain extensions available for use, depending on the type of website and business being operated, including .org.ar, which are reserved for non-profit organizations and .edu.ar, which are reserved for educational entities.

General Argentina domains, .com.ar, can be used for both personal and commercial sites.

The title and name may use letters, numbers or hyphens when registering. The domain name can also include special characters, including ñ, á, é, í ó, ú, ä, ë, ï, ö, and ü.

Unlike most other global domain registration options, there is no limit on the amount of top level .com.ar domains any one person can purchase and develop. Fees associated with Argentinean domain registration may vary. Argentina domain registration services available through Marcaria include Google Apps integration, email and web forwarding and DNS records management services. Business owners that offer products and services to consumers in Argentina should purchase an international domain to meet the needs of that specific consumer base.

Domain registration services that provide international domains create a new and widely accessible place for people to view, purchase and sell product or provide information. Businesses are no longer limited by proximity; the Internet has opened the world of international commerce and expanded the reach of businesses worldwide. By taking advantage of different international domains, businesses can increase their visibility and reach new consumer markets.

When purchasing any international domain, it is important that businesses keep in mind the market they are trying to reach; investing in website domains that will attract potential consumers can help to expand the reach and consumer base of the business. An Argentina international domain name is a cost efficient way to reach an Argentinian customer base in a convenient and trusted way; the same can be said when registering a domain specific to a country or region.