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Trademark Registration

How do I know in which classes to register?
Can I register my domain name as a trademark?
What should I do in order to register my trademark?
What options of payments do I have?
What happens if oppositions or objections arise during the registration process?
What countries are protected under the Community Trademark registration?
Does a trademark have a length of time that is valid for? Must it be renewed after a certain amount of time?
When registering a trademark I must specify the classes, what are the classes?
Why do I have to register a trademark?
What is the importance of Trademark Comprehensive Study?
What is claiming priority?
If i want to apply for TradeMark Registration from India to U.S. Can I do that?
Do I need the trademark registration certificate or is that optional?
How does the Madrid System work?
What is the duration of an International registration under Madrid System?
Can protection for a mark be refused in a designated country?
Can an International Registration under Madrid System be extended to countries other than those designated in the International application?
What are the effects of an international Registration under Madrid System?
Is there any precondition to filing an International Application under Madrid System?
In Madrid System, can priority of an earlier application be claimed?

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