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Blogpost: 13 Ways to Protect your Brand on Social Media


Social media is taking over Internet marketing, and your company needs to know how to protect your brand before it is too late. There are 13 ways that you can protect your company brand on social media - let's get right to them.

Get Your Employees On Board

There is a very good chance that your employees are all on social media, which means you have a lot of information outlets to take care of. Get your employees together and explain the importance of social media to your organization. Explain to your employees that they are not to release any confidential information on social media and you would appreciate it if they would speak kindly of the company when interacting online. Some companies go as far as having employees sign a social media amendment to their employment contracts, but that is up to you.

Put A Professional In Charge

I take care of the social media presence of many customers. My job is to protect the company's image and defend the brand. If you do not hire a social media expert to take care of your online brand, then you are asking for trouble.

Keep An Eye On The Social Networks

Sometimes, protecting your brand requires old-fashioned detective work. You need to have someone who is dedicated to doing searches on social media for mentions of your company name. When you see something negative, you should counter-balance it with several positive posts.

Tread Softly With Customer Interaction

Few things go viral faster on social media than a company arguing with a customer. Do not engage in arguments, and avoid prolonged interaction with clients that could lead to future brand issues. If a customer has a legitimate complaint, then offer to address the complaint either in a private email exchange or through your customer service phone line.

Understand The Rules

Did you know that you cannot entice people to like your Facebook post with promises of discounts or prizes? If you want to protect your brand on social media, then you need to stay on social media. Learn the rules for each social platform, and be careful not to get your presence shut down.

Watch For Knock-Offs And Fakes

There will be people who try to create social media pages for your company who are only out to do you harm. Monitor social media for knock-off and fake pages, and address them as soon as you find them.

Limit Official Access

You may have a lot of employees, but you only have one company social media presence. In order to keep your brand safe and your responses to customer concerns uniform, you need to have a small group of two or three people in charge of your social media pages. Only that small group can post to your pages, and they will have guidelines that they must follow.

Always Make Sure Your Information Is Correct

When you send out misleading information online, that can seriously damage your company's brand. You can apologize for it, but the damage doesn't always go away. The best course to take is to confirm information before you post it.

Get To Know Your Fan Base

It is not difficult to amass a Twitter or Facebook fan base, but there is more to it than that. Before you start sending out promotions or other information, engage your fan base in conversations and see what they really want to talk about. That will help you to put together valuable posts that will enhance your brand.

Stay Active

When your company social media pages are quiet, that gives the negative Nellies a chance to come out and play. Always have plenty of activity going on with your social media presence, and post positive things about your company each and every day.

Meet Controversy Head-On

There are people on social media who love to stir things up. When these people put your company in their cross-hairs, you only need to address a controversy once and then move on. Be honest in your response and be brief, but do not let controversy go unaddressed.

Embrace Your Social Media Presence

Make it easy to find your social media pages by putting links to them on your company website. You can enhance your website traffic and your brand reputation by making it easy for people to find your social pages.

Sometimes, You Should Just Let It Go

Did someone from outside the company post an embarrassing picture on social media from last year's company picnic? As long as the post is not causing harm to your company image, then just let it go.