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Comprehensive Guide to International Business and Law

International law refers to governing laws over the conduct of independent nations and existing relationships between them. International law primarily addresses provinces, rather than the countries private citizens.

International Law

International law embodies three different legal disciplines, including public international law, private international law, and supranational law. Public international law governs existing relationships between individual provinces and international entities. Some subdivisions of public international law include the treaty law, law of sea, international humanitarian and criminal laws. Private international law, also known as conflict of laws, tackles certain issues, such as legal jurisdiction case assignments, and which applicable law concerns each assigned jurisdiction to the case. Supranational law, also known as the law of supranational organizations, concerns existing regional agreements and upholding the supranational legal system when in conflict with the laws of individual nation-states. Furthermore, international law is divided into two major and traditional branches: jus gentium, the law of nations, and the just inter gentes, the agreements among nations.

International Organizations and Associations

International organizations and associations, authoritative international groups with prominent membership, scope and presence, are divided into two distinctive branches: international nongovernmental organizations (INGOs) and international intergovernmental organizations (IGOs). INGOs may include non-profit organizations and international or multinational corporations. IGOs may include a coalition of sovereign states, such the United Nations and World Trade Organization. Global Public Policy Networks (GPPNs), a considerable third-party, consists of states and non-states alike, which may include intergovernmental organizations, states, state agencies, regional governments and private companies.

International Publications

Many international publications, including journals, magazines and books address transnational issues promoting global advancement towards a utopian society. Certain international publications address military strategical intervention and laws, environmental awareness and solution preparedness, human rights promotion and elimination of unjustified abuse. These publications could help raise the level of awareness across the globe in various nations, which could help contribute to a more harmonious world environment.

International Treaties

A treaty, an agreement under international law by sovereign states or international organizations, may come in the form of protocol, covenant, covenant or exchange of letters. Regardless of the structured form, all treaties are equal with the same applicable rules. Treaties draw similarities to contracts with both parties adhering to obligations among the two entities. Either of the two entities could be held liable under international law when breaching the imposed treaty.