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Domain Tips: Online Guide to Flash

Adobe flash is a well known software product and file format which is often used on the web to add interactive web pages, videos, animations and games. It is also a tool that is designed for rich internet applications, such as for advertisements, marketing and to optimize delivery efficiency. It is used by web designers and developers to create special effects, animations, add sounds and to import artwork, with the opportunity to compile graphics into one file stream in order to decrease bandwidth.


Getting Started with Flash

  • Flash Description: Flash tutorials, preparation information, knowledge test and the purpose of the software. 
  • Flash Beginners Guide Resource: How to make some basic flash documents, getting started, making a shape, making a button, importing videos and making a preloader. 
  • Flash Curriculum Guide (PDF): Getting started with flash, animation basics, interactivity basics, sounds, advanced drawing techniques and objectives.
  • Flash 8: Getting Started (PDF): getting started, interactive and animation graphics, file types for web, flash movies, flash animation, traditional animation and drawings. 
  • Flash Basics: Tweening, drawing, painting, animation, sounds, videos, resources and Adobe TV tutorials CS4 applications.

Flash Animation & Video

  • Flash Animation Tools: Motion tweening, basics, what it is, how to use it, other flash animation tools and a pictorial guide.
  • Video and Flash: This step by step tutorial shows users how to create simple movies and animations using Adobe Flash.
  • Building a Slideshow with Flash: This page on the Berkley Knight Digital Media Center provides an introduction and tutorial on how to build a slideshow using Flash.
  • Flash Resources and Tutorials: Free tutorials on Adobe flash, animation effects and tutorial, flash articles, how to create a flash website, flash galleries, useful info all about flash and resources. 

Using ActionScript

  • ActionScript Info: Learning to use ActionScript, timeline animation recreations and other animation info. 
  • Flash Action Script Tutorials: Motion guide, Articles on flash action script and flash CS3 Export Motion XML resource. 
  • Flash Tutorials: Flash platform, transform tool, a guide to flash player resource, such as flash player compiler error, flash player run time errors and how to generate action script using star UML
  • Flash and Flex Tutorials: ActionScript.org provides a large selection of tutorials for Flash and implementing ActrionScript.
  • ActionsScript Technology Center: Learning to use ActionScript is made easy with the resources provided on the official Adobe ActionSript Developer Connection page.

Advanced Techniques & Tutorials

  • Page Transition Tutorial: This tutorial instructs people on how to create page transitions using Flash. The tutorial is presented in a video format.

Books & Articles about Flash

  • Adobe Flash/Flex Handout (PDF): A comprehensive and detailed document about Adobe Flash, the difference between Adobe Flash and Adobe Flex, and Adobe Flash CS3 notes and links.

Flash Forums & FAQs

  • Adobe Flash Official Forum: This official forum for Adobe Flash is found on the official Adobe website and is organized into sections.
  • FlashMove Forum: This forum dedicated to helping users learn and improve their Flash skills is organized according to the version of Flash being used.