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Inventors That Changed the World - presented by marcaria.com

Imagine a world where you were not able to fly to any part of the world that you wanted to go to. Also, imagine you live in a world where you are not able to pick up a phone and communicate with someone else? And, imagine a world where you are not able to get instant information on an event while it is happening. These are all everyday occurrences that we probably take for granted. However, without the inventiveness, courage and creativity of a group of inventors, we would not enjoy the life we currently have.

There are a number of inventors who have greatly contributed to the lives we currently live. Without the work of Charles Babbage, the world would not have had computers. Without the work of Philo Farnsworth, we would not have had the television. And, without the Wright Brothers, we would not enjoy the ease of travel throughout the world.

While there are many inventors who have contributed to civilization that we now know, there are several who have been involved in our advancements in technology, convenience and transportation. The following is a brief list of some of the most notable inventors with information on some of the inventions that have helped change the world.

Charles Babbage – English inventor responsible for work on the calculating machine that led to early computer.

Alexander Graham Bell – Inventor who created the first working telephone.

Tim Berners-Lee – Man who was among the people responsible for the World Wide Web.

Thomas Edison – Prolific inventor who was responsible for the light bulb and phonograph among other inventions.

Philo Farnsworth – American inventor who created the first television set.

Benjamin Franklin – Statesman and inventor who created many items including the Franklin stove, bi-focal glasses and the lightning rod.

Guglielmo Marconi – Man responsible for developing a way to transmit radio waves through long distances.

Samuel Morse – Inventor of the telegraph which was an early form of communication over longer distances.

Nikola Tesla – Famous inventor who was responsible for a number of ideas including alternating current, neon lamp and other electric related inventions.

Wilbur and Orville Wright – The brothers became the first people to have a motorized plane in flight.