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Trademark Protection: A Business Incorporation Resource Guide

The United States is known as “the land of opportunity,” and “opportunity” is epitomized very much with wealth and power, achieved most often by the pursuit of entrepreneurial business. America is built on the backs of businesses and corporations, which provide us with goods and materials necessary to maintain the industrial way of life to which we’ve become accustomed. There are many citizens who are content to work each day for the pay they earn from the labor they contribute. For others, however, the draw of owning their own business is strong enough for them to seek out ways to do so. Many owners then find themselves in a position to grow and develop their businesses into corporations. The following sites explain the formation of corporations, the benefits of being incorporated, and the benefits and disadvantages of such.

 Definition and Benefits of Incorporating

 How to Incorporate a Business

 General Business and Incorporation Resources

  • Business Organization: This series of questions helps guide the future entrepreneur through all phases of deciding what business is right for him.
  • Business Ethics: This article goes over tools to keep business ethical and socially responsible while maintaining a successful business.
  • Resources - Frequently Asked Questions: This is a list of frequently asked questions of those who wish to start a small business in short, concise answers.
  • Small Business and Entrepreneurship Resources: Articles and resources for business owners, from current events to things affecting the economy and much more.

Sites such as those above become invaluable resources to those seeking to create their own businesses. Reading and studying examples of those who have gone before is always an excellent tool before jumping into any venture. There are many steps to be taken, many things to take into consideration before beginning a business, and before taking that business to the next step of corporation. Furthermore, when one decides to proceed with incorporating a business, they must decide what kind of corporation to create. Tax laws must be taken into consideration, and many other things looked at before deciding to start a business. The United States is most certainly built on the capitalism and success of businesses and corporate America.