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Trademarks, Copyrights, Patents: Invention Guide for Kids

Role Models - Famous Inventors

  • Inventor Biographies – Read about famous inventors including Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and Samuel Morse.
  • Little Known Inventors – Learn about various inventors who created everyday items such as the tin can for food, jeans, Frisbees, and feather dusters!
  • Science and Inventions – Several famous inventors, like Alexander Graham Bell and Henry Ford contributed tremendously towards the progress of science and modern technology.
  • The Inventor Database – Look up just biographies about any famous inventor from history in this online alphabetical database.
  • Silly Inventions – Discover the people behind some of the funniest, most dangerous, or strangest inventions of our time.
  • Absurd Inventors – Not all inventors come up with groundbreaking inventions, as seen in this list of downright bizarre and hilarious creations.

Get Inspired - Inventions by Kids

  • By Kids For Kids – BKFK is an organization that helps to support and inspire young inventors.
  • Famous Inventions by Kids – Did you know that Braille, earmuffs, paper lunch bags, and even the trampoline were all created by kids?

Get Inventing!

  • Guide to Inventing – Find out a step-by-step approach to pinpointing areas that require an invention, and then learn how to create one!
  • How Do Patents Work? – This useful flow chart describes the entire process of how inventors obtain a patent.
  • The Invention Playground – Let your imagination and creativity go wild with plenty of resources to help you focus on inventing something wonderful.
  • DIY Projects for Kids – A series of tutorials will help guide you through a number of fun and wacky projects and inventions.
  • All About Inventing – Browse through a huge amount of resources to learn about inventors, answers about inventing, and related quizzes and games.
  • Coming Up with Ideas – Use these resources to learn more about coming up with ideas for inventions and how to research if they already exist.
  • Kid Inventors' Day - Celebrate Kid Inventors’ Day every January 17th to inspire yourself and other aspiring young inventors!
  • Youth Inventors Program – This amazing program brings together thousands of kid inventors to help guide them through the process of creating their very own inventions.
  • Energy Inventions – Learn about inventions related to different kids of energy, including solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal energy.
  • Camp Invention – At Camp Invention, kids learn how to make their invention ideas a reality.
  • Kids Invent! for Kids – Kids Invent! For Kids aims to inspire children and teens to come up with their own inventions through a variety of skills and a good deal of imagination.