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Domain Registration in Costa Rica - .CR Domains  

Register your .CR domains in Costa Rica. Please enter in our .CR domain search engine the term that you wish to register. If your .CR domain is available you will need to fill up a simple order form. Together with the registration of your domain, you may use our free of charge servers for web forwarding or email account configuration. Alternatively, you have the possibility of requesting a Hosting plan together with the purchase of your domain, or after. Payment options are: Credit Card, PayPal and Bank Deposit.

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What are the registration requirements for .CR domains?

There is no requirement or restriction when buying a “.CR” or “.CO.CR” domain suffix.

What does .CR stand for?

.CR refers to the official domain extension or internet country code top level domain (ccTLD) of Costa Rica. “.CR” is the primary ccTLD which is intended for entities wishing to establish connection with Costa Rica. On the other hand, “.co.cr” is the secondary ccTLD which is intended for commercial use. Registry and administration for this extension code is being carried out by NIC-Internet Costa Rica.
CR can also be defined in other ways. It is a popular abbreviation for credit (accounting) or copyright (business). CR is also used as initials for carriage return (military), congressional road (government), compression ratio (mathematics), conversion rate (foreign currencies), or clinical record (medical). In Chemistry, CR is the symbol of the chemical element Chromium. CR is also the official two-letter code for the country Costa Rica.

Why register a .CR domain?

Costa Rica has a stable and well-diversified economy. In the past, the country relied heavily on agriculture and tourism to increase national income. Today, the booming industries of IT services, medical manufacturing, and exportation of electronics contributed to the country’s high standard of living and economic stability. Foreign companies and entrepreneurs are interested in making investments in Costa Rica because of multiple factors. First, a big percentage of the population has a high educational attainment which is good for labor force. Second, the free-trade zone makes a profitable business environment for startups and small companies. Third, Costa Rica is strategically located in Central America giving easy access to South and North American markets.
If your company is planning to expand business in Costa Rica, don’t hesitate to register a .cr domain name. It will be beneficial in several ways:
  • It is essential in representing your company in the Costa Rican digital markets. Your website won’t look “foreign” to local consumers. This is necessary in establishing trust and in convincing customers to patronize your business.
  • It proves that your company is committed and dedicated to serving local consumers. A website using .cr URL address provides an impression of professionalism too.
  • Maximize your company’s sales and revenues by reaching high quality leads in Costa Rica.
  • It allows your company to easily penetrate the local digital markets of Costa Rica. It is a great opportunity to establish brand name and introduce new products to Costa Ricans.
  • Costa Rica has a strategic location. Being able to establish a brand name in this country can open doors of opportunities to further expand to North or South American countries.
  • Costa Ricans are the 4th wealthiest nationality in Latin America having a strong purchasing power and enjoying a high standard of living. This makes them a smart target customer for luxury products as well as for basic commodities.