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Domain Registration Israel - .IL Domains  

Register your .IL domains  Israel. Please enter in our .IL domain search engine the term that you wish to register. If your .IL domain is available you will need to fill up a simple order form. Together with the registration of your domain, you may use our free of charge servers for web forwarding or email account configuration. Alternatively, you have the possibility of requesting a Hosting plan together with the purchase of your domain, or after. Payment options are: Credit Card, PayPal and Bank Deposit.

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What are the registration requirements for .IL domains?

There are no requirements for buying .IL domains.

What does .IL stand for?

.IL refers to the official domain extension or the internet country code top level domain (ccTLD) of Israel. It was introduced in 1985 and was intended for entities affiliated with this country. Israel Internet Association is the authorized body for carrying out its registry and they reserve the right to approve or reject an application.

Aside from usage as Israel’s two-letter country code, IL is also used to abbreviate other words. Popular meanings of IL include: Illinois (US state), International League (organization), information literacy (academics/education), Italian Lira (currency), international law (government) and ignore list (online chat).

Why register a .IL domain?

Israel, by global standards, is a highly progressive country. Its economic activities are primarily reliant on industrial and technological industries. Multinational companies invest in Israel because of the innovative environment for operating any type of business. This country is a pioneer in cyber security, big data and fintech. On top of that, Israel has also proven its economic resiliency through the years that’s why you can be confident that your investments are secure.

Experts say that now is the right time to invest in Israel. The business climate is favorable and the economy is rapidly growing. But before you invest in this historic country, we highly suggest that you buy .IL domain extensions. Doing so will be beneficial to your business in ways you didn’t expect!
  • .IL domains are a great way to professionally represent your company in the Israeli digital market. Using a website ending in .IL can rapidly increase the customers’ awareness about your brand name.
  •  .IL domains aid in making customers trust your website since most internet users prefer local websites when making purchases. When your website is ending in IL, customers can identify your business as locally-operated.
  • Since engagement and response rates are augmented, expect your sales to reach its maximum potential as well.
  • You may also use .IL domains even if your company is located outside Israel. Businesses in Illinois can take advantage of this domain extension.
  • .IL domains are an excellent choice for companies that want to generate traffic from Israel or want to build a strong client base in Israel. This type of domain extension tells Google that their website content is intended for the Israeli audiences.
  • .IL domains are easy to register. Register premium domains and profitable keywords at an affordable price.