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Domain Registration Italy - .IT Domain Names  

Register now your .IT domains in Italy. Please enter below in our .IT domain search engine the term that you wish to register. If your .IT domain is available you will need to fill up a simple order form, payment options are: Credit Card, PAYPAL and Bank Deposit. In case you need a hosting plan the order form will give you the option to select a plan.

» Bulk Registration
DomainRegistration FeeYearsRegistration Fee
$ 14
$ 27
Prices are in 
Change Currency
Extension(s)Registration timeDNS Modification FeeDNS Modification FeeTrustee PriceTrustee Price
.it24 hours
$ 12
.co.it 24 hours
$ 7

The owner must be an individual or juridical person residing in or belonging to a European Union Member State.

If you are not able to meet this residence requirement, we will register the domain to our European Branch, and then we will make the domain available to you; this option has an additional cost (Trustee Service).

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International Domain Registration: Italy

More and more people are setting up their own websites today. One of the first steps to setting up one's own website is to create a domain name. Once a domain name is chosen, and it is available, one needs to register it. Italy domain name offers web registration services. Domain name Italy makes getting started on the web easy.

Registering an .it domain is easy. The set-up starts with entering the domain one wants to register. As long as the domain is available to register and has not already been taken then one needs to fill out an order form. To complete the order form, a payment method needs to be selected and provided. The options for payment include PayPal, by credit card, or by bank deposit.

Registering a domain name under .it is reasonable in price. The cost for 1 full year of registration for an .it domain name is $27.00. The company offers the opportunity to register for longer than a year. The domain names can be registered for up to 10 years at a time. If registering for at least five years at a time, one will get a five percent discount off of the cost of registration. If registering more than one at a time and registering for five years or over, all domain names will get a five percent discount. All pricing is calculated under the United States dollar, but can be calculated in EURO, too. In order to register one has to be a member or live in a European state that is a member of the union. If one does not, the domain will be registered under the European branch instead. Once registered underneath the European branch, one can then be registered as a member afterwards. Extensions are available for people who need them, but they are only available for a period of 1 week. Modifications are also available at no extra cost. IT domains offer the option of bulk registration, where people can register more than one domain name at a time. This is a great option for people who have a few names to register, and who would like it done quickly.

Registering an Italy domain offers multiple benefits. Email, as well as web forwarding is available at no extra cost. Local service representatives are available to assist with any questions one might have. One will have the capability to manage their DNS records. A few of these records include CNAME, A, and MX records. Free Google apps are also included as added benefits to customers. Document assistance, email account options of up to 10 accounts, additional sites, and a calendar are all available with the Google apps. Google email accounts can be completely customized to fit one's business or needs. Each email account has the capacity of 7 GB. The Google apps are perfect for keeping your business running smoothly.

Marcaria offers domain registration services whose prices are competitive. The domain registration service is easy to set up, and keep registered. Extensions and modifications are available at no extra cost for easy maintenance. IT domains offer many added benefits. Marcaria also offers global domain registration, as well as international domains. The company also provides hosting, if needed. Hosting of the domain name does cost extra depending upon whether Windows or Linux is being used, with three different hosting options. Comparison prices for Windows and Linux are offered, to show what different places cost. This way one will get more value for their money. One can get the cheapest price around for what they want to do. Basic, advanced and professional are the three different hosting plans that are offered, which are dependent upon one's needs.