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Domain Registration in Zimbabwe - .ZW Domains  

Register your .ZW domains in Zimbabwe today! Simply enter the term you wish to register into our user-friendly .ZW domain search engine. If your desired .ZW domain is available, you'll just need to fill up a simple order form. In addition to domain registration, we offer free servers for web forwarding or email account configuration. Alternatively, you can choose to request a Hosting plan together with the purchase of your domain, or after. We offer flexible payment options including Credit Card, PayPal, and Bank Deposit.


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    Build your Website online and setup Email accounts.
  • FREE Web Builder & Email


    Free Website Builder
    Enhance your website with our wide selection of over 100 templates. Explore various site layouts, sidebars, colors, fonts, and backgrounds effortlessly to achieve a personalized look. Customize further by adding borders for a unique touch. With our user-friendly interface, managing menu changes and adding new pages becomes a breeze, all from a single, intuitive platform.       


    Free Email Accounts
    You can set up a maximum of three email accounts. You can configure each of these accounts with various email services like Outlook, Gmail, or any other software that supports POP or IMAP protocols, at absolutely no extra charge. Each account comes bundled with 200 MB of storage and a monthly traffic capacity of 200 MB.   


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  • FREE Email & Web Forwarding
    Forward your Email to any address and redirect Web traffic to other domain.
  • FREE Email & Web Forwarding

    mail Free Email Forwarding
    Once this feature is activated, you'll have the capability to forward incoming email messages to any existing and valid email address of your preference, such as [email protected].
    red Free Web Forwarding
    This feature enables you to redirect visitors from your domain (ex: www.mydomain.com) to another live website (i.e: www.company.com).
  • FREE DNS Records Management
    Control and edit your domain’s DNS Records (A, Cname, MX records, etc.)
  • FREE DNS Records Management

    h Free DNS Record Management
    Handle all DNS-related tasks efficiently, inclusive of adding or modifying standard DNS records such as A, CNAME, and MX records.
    Our complimentary Anycast DNS servers present a superior method for routing DNS traffic. They are designed to lower latency, enhance overall performance, and bolster security, offering a more streamlined and resilient routing experience.
    You can access these DNS management tools via the “My Domains”, section. This feature empowers you with the autonomy to manage and configure zone settings according to your needs.

What are the registration requirements for .ZW domains?

There are no requirements for buying .ZW domains.

What does .ZW stand for?

.ZW represents the official domain extension or the internet country code top level domain (ccTLD) of Zimbabwe. The ccTLD was introduced in 1991 and was intended for entities connected or affiliated with Zimbabwe. ZISPA is the authorized agency for carrying out its registry while Marcaria.com is an accredited registrar where .ZA applications are processed. The registration process for .ZW domain is simple and official documents are not mandated.

ZW also stands for:  Zero Wing (computer game), zen world, Air Wisconsin Airlines (code of airline company), Zetawatt, zero waste, zonal wave, and many more.

Why register a .ZW domain?

Zimbabwe is a landlocked African country known for its stunning landscape, safaris, natural parks and diverse wildlife. Many economists consider the country as Africa’s best-kept secret destination when it comes to investments especially long-term ones. First, the economy is driven by small and informal businesses. This has resulted to continuous economic growth in the past years. Second, the country offers knowledgeable and hardworking talents at a cheaper price. For this reason, international companies have built manufacturing sites in Harare, capital city, to take advantage of low-cost labor.
Third, the country is also doing well in terms of GDP (gross domestic product). It is expected to remain stable in the next couple of years.

Zimbabwe can be your next investment destination. Before you invest, consider to register a .ZW domain website. This can benefit your business in the following ways:
  • .ZW domain is the right choice if your company is connected with Zimbabwe and you wish to highlight this connection. If your business is primarily conducted in this country, it is highly recommended to use this ccTLD. It can instantly boost your company’s online reputation and strengthens your online presence.
  • .ZW domain makes it possible for your company to engage in a fair business competition. Adopting this ccTLD is a simple way to show that your business is committed to staying active in the coming years. This is crucial in order to obtain customer trust.
  • .ZW domain is compatible with any local brand promotion campaign. It is the first step to create awareness about your products in the online market of Zimbabwe. By using this ccTLD, web visitors are aware that they can avail your business locally.
  •  .ZW domain makes your target customer well-defined. Using a generic TLD like a .COM domain may no longer be appropriate for local targeting because its scope is worldwide and not specific. From the SEO standpoint, using a ccTLD can be your best option considering it specifies the right audience for your content. This is how exactly Google likes it to be done. Create a website with a laser-sharp niche and define your target audience. This is a surefire way to make your site SEO-friendly.