Why do I need the Study?


The Trademark Comprehensive Study will help you determine if you can register or use your trademark.


A great number of trademark applications are rejected during the registration process because of the following reasons:

  • Preexisting registrations of similar trademarks (either graphically or phonetically) that may cause a "likelihood of confusion."

  • Similarities with well-known foreign trademarks that may or may not be registered in the specific country or territory.

  • Refusal of registration of a trademark that may be considered generic, indicative or descriptive.

  • Use of certain words, names, symbols or other marks that are not acceptable for registration.

The Study will warn you about these cases, so that you can change your trademark or adapt your application to avoid possible rejection from the Trademark Office.


The Study will also help you ensure that the use of your proposed trademark will not infringe upon the rights of another party, and thus reduces the risk of any challenge or lawsuit from the owner of prior rights in a trademark.


By ordering a Trademark Comprehensive Study, you can, in the long run, avoid expenditures of applying for a trademark that will be rejected, reduce the risks of being sued and help us to draft your application to avoid rejection based on potential obstacles identified by the Study.