Protect your trademarks on a worldwide scale.

What is a Trademark Watch?

This service allows you to detect any trademark request in the publication stage that may infringe upon your trademark. Moreover, you will be informed about the requirements to file an opposition along with the probabilities of success to pursue this action, or any other action available that could ensure the protection of your trademark.

What does this Service Include?

• Monitoring of published marks that are similar, identical or have the same meaning, thanks to the use of a leading technological platform in intellectual property surveillance. 
• Supervision of results by our attorneys, sending only relevant notifications to your email. These notifications will be saved in your personal account.
• Every notification will include the conflicting mark's details, as well as the timeframes for presenting an opposition. 

What are the Types of Watch Services?
1. Worldwide: Provides surveillance in more than 215 countries and jurisdictions in the defined classes. This option is recommended if you wish to monitor your trademark in more than three countries.
2. Local: Provides surveillance in the requested country or organization in the defined classes. This option is recommended if you wish to monitor your trademark in one to three countries.

What is the Price?

1. Worldwide Watch
Up to 5 classes
 1 Year - 420420
 2 Years - 750750
 5 Years - 17001700
 10 Years - 32003200
2. Local Watch
Up to 5 classes
 1 Year - 135135
 2 Years - 250250
 5 Years - 560560
 10 Years - 10501050
Prices are in 
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Note: If you are interested in more classes, you must request an additional watch service.

How to Request this Service?
To request this service and learn more about the list of countries and jurisdictions, just fill out our Trademark Watch Service Form and send it by email to your Account Manager or to