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Colombia Trademark Registration 

Attorneys - Colombia

My name is Maribel Hernández Quintero and I'm the representative Attorney in Colombia.

I'll be personally in charge of your trademark registration process.
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Your trademark registration will be processed in Colombia through the following steps:

Trademark Comprehensive Study   Step 1. Trademark Comprehensive Study:
A trademark search report with attorney's analysis and opinion about registration probabilities.
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Trademark Registration Request   Step 2. Trademark Registration Request:
A trademark attorney will file and process your trademark application before the Trademark Office.
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is there a time frame for the trademark registration approval?

    The average time frame for the registration approval is 8 months, if no objections or oppositions arise.


  • If I register my trademark in Colombia, do I have protection in other territories?

    The territorial limit of protection is the Republic of Colombia.

  • Do I need to sign a Power of Attorney?

    A signed power of attorney may be required during the prosecution stage.

  • Are there any benefits from a pre-filing use of the trademark?

    There are no benefits from a pre-filing use of the trademark.

  • Will there be problems in case I don’t use my trademark after registration?

    Third parties may attack a registered mark on the basis of non-use.

  • What are the types of trademark that can be registered in Colombia?

    The following marks are allowed for registration:

    • Words
    • Names
    • Devices
    • certain shapes having three dimensions
    • Colors having a shape
    • Slogans
    • Sounds
    • Smells
    • Trade dress/get up
    • Holograms
    • Motion (there is no specific law regarding this)
    • Taste
    • Touch
    • Collective marks
    • Certification marks
    • Service marks
  • What are the phases of application after a trademark has been filed in Colombia?

    A trademark application in Colombia goes through different phases in particular order:

    1. Publication
    2. Examination
    3. Registration
    4. Opposition
    5. Appeals
  • What type of trademark is not registrable?

    The following marks are not allowed for registration:

    • Marks that contradict standards of morality or public order
    • Generic terms
    • Symbols, names, or flags of nations, states, regions, and international organizations
    • Non-distinctive marks
    • Marks that are primarily used as a surname
    • Marks that are primarily used as a geographical location name
    • Marks that infringe a copyright
    • Marks that are used for unfair business competition
  • Does Colombia use the "Nice Classification" system?

    Colombia uses the Nice Classification system only as a general guide.

  • Does the Community Trademark apply for Colombia?

    No. Colombia does not follow the Community Trademark.

  • Is there any possibility to claim priority in Colombia?

    Yes. The following conditions must be satisfied in order to claim priority application in Colombia:

    • The applicant’s home country is a Paris Convention member
    • The home application date is at least 6 months earlier than the application date in Colombia
    • The applicant’s home country is a World Trade Organization member
    • The applicant’s home country is a party to the Andean Pact
    • An international registration is based on a national registration in Colombia
  • What do I need to do to satisfy the use requirement?

    A registered mark must be used within 3 years from the registration date. It must be used for commercial purpose and must occur in any member state of the Andean Pact. Appropriate sales invoices are required as a proof.

  • Once my trademark has been registered, for how many years will be valid?

    A registered mark is initially valid for 10 years.

  • What will be the renewal date of my trademark?

    The first renewal of a registered trademark is done 10 years from the date of registration grant.

  • Is it legal to use my trademark even if it is not yet registered?

    Yes. Use of an unregistered mark for any good or service is legal.