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Marcaria.com Reviews


Our Clients have different profiles, ranging from individuals who want to create a website or protect their trademarks, to large companies that need to protect their domain names.  
We have over 90,000 clients, and provide an efficient and quality service, at competitive prices.  Feedback from our clients is taken very seriously and we consistently strive to improve wherever possible.

Additional Reviews from our clients:                                              bbb.png


August 23, 2018
"Good, I'm satisfied". Quick response, resolved in minutes. Thanks for being there, GREAT customer service.
Stephen Witt

August 23, 2018
"Good, I'm satisfied". Great Service! Thank you so much!

August 21, 2018
"Good, I'm satisfied". They always help my even in the slightest thing. Thanks to the support nowadays I have the website working.
Jimmy Casas

August 15, 2018
"Good, I'm satisfied". Fabulous service as ever.
Simon Meads

August 15, 2018
"Good, I'm satisfied". Prompt and helpful. Excellent support!
Whitney Gilhart

August 14, 2018
"Good, I'm satisfied". Great. Thank you immensely for the support and past guidance. Congratulations.
Marcelo Kley

August 13, 2018
"Good, I'm satisfied". It was wonderful working on this request and I am well satisfied with the resolution and the turn around time of Marcaria and the support folks.... Cheers :)
Sameer Thakur

August 11, 2018
"Good, I'm satisfied". Operator very fast, prepared and patient. Definitely the best service I dealt with via chat. Thank you!
Maria Elena La Bianca

August 10, 2018
"Good, I'm satisfied". Thank you for your wonderful service and seeing through the transfer in of 9 domain names to completion.
Linda Hashlamoun

August 10, 2018
"Good, I'm satisfied". My enquiry was answered satisfactorily.

August 10, 2018
"Good, I'm satisfied". excellent service

August 9, 2018
"Good, I'm satisfied". As usual super fast, super friendly service.
Riaan Geldenhuys

August 8, 2018
"Good, I'm satisfied". It was fast and great.

July 31, 2018
"Good, I'm satisfied". Great service, thanks!
Paul Dennis

July 28, 2018
"Good, I'm satisfied". Always the best!
Jay Jaroslav

July 25, 2018
"Good, I'm satisfied". Always perfect
Cassiano Zanetti

July 20, 2018
"Good, I'm satisfied". Good time of responce
Gustavo Camargo

July 20, 2018
"Good, I'm satisfied". Your customer service is fast and effective. Thank you
Sam Tekunoff

July 18, 2018
"Good, I'm satisfied". Your Service and Support is excellent! very much satisfied!
Neeraj Khanna

July 17, 2018
"Good, I'm satisfied". Quick response with useful information

July 16, 2018
"Good, I'm satisfied". Fast and responsible support Thank you for your wonderful service
manhal bitar

July 15, 2018
"Good, I'm satisfied". Fast, precise, effective, perfect support !

July 12, 2018
"Good, I'm satisfied". Marcaria supporting team are very professionals and exceeded my expectations.
Mostafa Elsayed

July 11, 2018
"Good, I'm satisfied". Swift response, issue solved; perfect!

July 8, 2018
"Good, I'm satisfied". The support was excellent - thank you.

July 4, 2018
"Good, I'm satisfied". Always exellent, fast, and correct.Very glad.:)
alexander Hansen

June 30, 2018
"Good, I'm satisfied". Everyone is very helpful and quick to respond. Also very knowledgeable.
Frank Tomlinson

June 28, 2018
"Good, I'm satisfied". Excellent support, thank you
John Spiropulos

June 26, 2018
"Good, I'm satisfied". Excellent quality of service. The response time was incredibly quick the representative was very helpful. It was very comforting to see that level of human interaction in a web service. Thank you and I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

June 22, 2018
"Good, I'm satisfied". It's a perfect serviss - quick answers, good suggestions which are easy to understand.
Edgars Vasils

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