Nuestros clientes tienen diferentes perfiles, que van desde las personas que quieren crear un sitio web o proteger sus marcas, a las grandes empresas que necesitan proteger sus nombres de dominio.
Tenemos más de 90.000 clientes, y proporcionamos un servicio eficiente y de calidad a precios competitivos. Los comentarios de nuestros clientes son tomados muy en serio y nos esforzamos constantemente para mejorar en la medida de lo posible.


Lo que nuestros clientes están diciendo de nosotros: International, Inc., Trademark Consultant, Miami, FL

septiembre 28, 2023
"Good, I'm satisfied". Hola, el servicio recibido siempre, siempre, siempre es eficiente, rápido y amable. Tenemos 13 dominios con ellos y les traspasaremos el resto. Saludos,
Ana Valverde

septiembre 27, 2023
"Good, I'm satisfied". Always great service
David Slaughter

septiembre 23, 2023
"Good, I'm satisfied". Excelente la atención y la celeridad para la resolución del pedido solicitado. Muchas gracias.
Javier Paz

septiembre 21, 2023
"Good, I'm satisfied". The support was fast and effective, problem solved in real time
andrea casini

septiembre 20, 2023
"Good, I'm satisfied". Buen seguimiento del ticket. Muy satisfecho con l atención.
Manuel Jes00s 00beda Rodr00guez

septiembre 20, 2023
"Good, I'm satisfied". Prompt support and quick actions. Very helpful
Naser Sultan

septiembre 17, 2023
"Good, I'm satisfied". Great support for a complex issue

septiembre 6, 2023
"Good, I'm satisfied". Quick and perfect
Josef Schembera

septiembre 6, 2023
"Good, I'm satisfied". Solucionaron rápido la incidencia. Muchas gracias.
francisco romero

septiembre 6, 2023
"Good, I'm satisfied". Smooth, quick and friendly
Wilda Winclair

septiembre 2, 2023
"Good, I'm satisfied". Fast and useful

septiembre 2, 2023
"Good, I'm satisfied". Always there when is needed.
Creative Pub Inc.

septiembre 2, 2023
"Good, I'm satisfied". Swift and kind and solved the problem. Brilliant!
Olaf Lewitz

septiembre 1, 2023
"Good, I'm satisfied". Issue solved with professionalism
Mamadou Teuw

agosto 23, 2023
"Good, I'm satisfied". Very good support, solved my problem quickly. All happy with the solution, the communication and overall support i received. Thanks
Sven Herold

agosto 21, 2023
"Good, I'm satisfied". Elena communicated the issues promptly and was very helpful
Adrian Murphy

agosto 18, 2023
"Good, I'm satisfied". Best customer support I have ever received from a registrar. Been buying/selling domains since 1996 and have dealt with lots of 'em. Thank you and congratulations!
Ed Hoyt

agosto 16, 2023
"Good, I'm satisfied". Overall the customer service and follow up was great. They follow up the problem more then myself :)

agosto 12, 2023
"Good, I'm satisfied". Elena does a good job. And it seems to me that she is kind and sympathetic.
Andron Narinsky

agosto 11, 2023
"Good, I'm satisfied". Very prompt action Much appreciated
Mike [Creo]

julio 26, 2023
"Good, I'm satisfied". Clear, precise and exactly what i wanted to know. Excellent service.
james edmonds

julio 18, 2023
"Good, I'm satisfied". Customer service is very responsive, quick, clear ... thanks a lot!
Jose Alberto Gonsales Chaves

julio 14, 2023
"Good, I'm satisfied". Dear Marcaria, I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for the exceptional service I received over the past three months while transferring my domains from various providers such as Google, GoDaddy, 101 domains, and others. Your team's assistance and support have been outstanding throughout the entire process. One aspect that truly impressed me was the level of customer support I received. From the very beginning, your team was responsive, knowledgeable, and patient in addressing all my queries and concerns. They guided me through each step of the transfer process, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience. I truly appreciate their professionalism and dedication to providing excellent service. Additionally, I am delighted to see that Marcaria places a strong emphasis on protecting both domains and trademarks. This added layer of security gives me peace of mind, knowing that my assets are in safe hands. It is evident that Marcaria prioritizes the best interests of its customers, and this commitment to safeguarding intellectual property sets you apart from other domain service providers. Once again, I want to express my sincere gratitude to the entire Marcaria team for their exceptional assistance. I am incredibly pleased with the level of service I received, and I highly recommend Marcaria to anyone seeking domain transfer services. Thank you for going above and beyond to ensure a seamless and secure transition for my domains. Best regards,
Michael Rothschild

junio 27, 2023
"Good, I'm satisfied". Excelente comunicación con Elena, muy atenta y excelente soporte
Boletin Digital

junio 23, 2023
"Good, I'm satisfied". Excellente trabajo, rapido y conviniente. Servicio que puede ser. Muchas gracias!
Manfred Lapp

junio 23, 2023
"Good, I'm satisfied". correct information was given for my questions.
Nader Saboori

junio 9, 2023
"Good, I'm satisfied". Subject: Satisfied with Support from Marcaria Dear Marcaria Support Team, I am writing to provide feedback regarding the support I recently received from your team. First, I would like to express my overall satisfaction with the assistance I received. I would rate the support I received as "Good" and I'm satisfied with the level of service provided. The Marcaria support team demonstrated a high level of professionalism and responsiveness throughout my interaction. I appreciated their promptness in addressing my inquiries and providing clear and helpful responses. They were attentive to my needs and went above and beyond to ensure that my concerns were properly addressed. The quality of support I received was commendable. The team exhibited a deep understanding of the services offered by Marcaria, and their expertise was evident in the guidance they provided. They were patient in explaining complex concepts and processes, allowing me to fully comprehend the information and make informed decisions. Additionally, the support team displayed a friendly and approachable demeanor, which made the entire experience pleasant. Their willingness to listen attentively and offer personalized solutions further enhanced the overall quality of support. Overall, I am satisfied with the support I received from Marcaria. The team's professionalism, responsiveness, and expertise made a positive impact on my experience. I feel confident and reassured in continuing my partnership with Marcaria for my future needs. Thank you for your excellent support. Sincerely, Dr Michael R
Michael Rothschild

junio 8, 2023
"Good, I'm satisfied". Very helpful and patient
Martin Krupik

junio 8, 2023
"Good, I'm satisfied". Atención rápida y efectiva.
Mon Vzzzquez

junio 7, 2023
"Good, I'm satisfied". Competent management of the problem and quickly done. Thank you.

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