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Domains China

Domain Registration China - .CN Domains

Register now your .CN domains in China. Please enter below in our .CN domain search engine the term that you wish to register. If your .CN domain is available you will need to fill up a simple order form, payment options are: Credit Card, PAYPAL and Bank Deposit. In case you need a hosting plan the order form will give you the option to select a plan.


Domain Registration fee Years
.cn $  29 1
.com.cn $  29 1
.net.cn $  29 1
.org.cn $  29 1
.sh.cn $  29 1
Prices in U.S. Dollars
Requirements for domains  

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International Domain Registration: China

China currently boasts a population of over sixty million people online. With such a vast population, the Chinese global domain registration is currently booming. To remain competitive, business owners and website administrators should highly consider Chinese domain names for their online demographics. Although international domain purchasing can seem daunting, the following guide should provide substantial assistance.

DNS, the global domain name system has chosen .cn as the official Chinese domain registration country code with the top level domain. The China Internet Network Information Center, better known as the CNNIC is held responsible for the .cn extension as the domain register authority. One of the most unique aspects of China domain names is the variety. Chinese domains feature 4 different types of .cn extensions, providing many options for distinct purposes.

One of the most lenient countries with domain registrations, Chinese .cn can be attained with basic rules and regulations. As only China based companies can hold .cn domains, it used to be much more difficult to attain .cn domains. If the resident requirement cannot be met, proceeding with a .cn domain may still continue. There are options to send domains with .cn to Chinese representatives that will make the domain available to purchasers. Although an alternative method, this .cn registration tends to work very well for international business owners and administrators. This is especially true as it does not require additional cost. The representative should send a domain owner certificate after completed registration. DNS servers currently take around 2 weeks to process, so owners and administrators should take that into account as well.

There are a few logistics to consider when choosing international specific, domain registration cheap names within China. When titling the .cn domain name, remember to only use letters, numbers or hyphens. It must begin with either a number or letter and be between 2 and 63 characters in total. These totals do not include the .cn domain and although seemingly random, there also may not be a hyphen in the 3rd or 4th character position. No limits currently apply to the amount of .cn domains any one person may purchase.

As the domain registration China varies, it is important to take a closer look at the differences between .cn extensions. Top level of .cn domain registration is first, though .com.cn for corporations are the most popular. They are commonly used for industrial, financial and commercial fields of business. The third is .net.cn which is generally used for information centers, connecting and allowing access within networks. Finally, the .org.cn extension is specifically reserved for all non-profit based organizations within China domain names. Domain registration service for .cn domain names also includes strict rules that must be followed closely.

Fees and timing planning is vital for most purchasers considering domain registration .cn, as are customs or exchange rate information. Registration fees when choosing a global domain registration for domain name .cn currently cost $58 USD, for all types which last an entire year. Domains .cn registration generally take about 6 weeks to complete. All sales within domain registration .cn are under Chinese law. This means there are no customs or exchange rates for Chinese users and the domain name China provides a local and patriotic option for locals. For those using a global domain registration, having a .cn domain register proves Chinese origin. Providing a well-respected and highly accepted domain name can increase feelings of security for those purchasing internationally. Choosing a commonly used .cn domain name can also lead to further organic international traffic and can extend a reach specifically to Chinese users.

With such a vast population and booming economy, targeting Chinese demographics and web domains could be an incredibly profitable option for all business owners and web administrators.

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