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Domains Japan

Domain Registration Japan - .JP Domains

Register now your .JP domains in Japan. Please enter below in our .JP domain search engine the term that you wish to register. If your .JP domain is available you will need to fill up a simple order form, payment options are: Credit Card, PAYPAL and Bank Deposit. In case you need a hosting plan the order form will give you the option to select a plan.


Domain Registration fee Years
.jp $  35 1
.co.jp $  137 1
.ne.jp $  96 1
.gr.jp $  96 1
Prices in U.S. Dollars
Requirements for domains  

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International Domain Registration: Japan

DNS- the global domain name system has chosen .jp as the official country code within Japan. The top level domain ccTLD applies as well within the country. JPRS- the Japan Registry Service is the domain registrar authority for the extension of Japanese .jp. As there are 3 different types of .jp's, let's further examine each.

Japan has 3 different types of .jp domain names. The first is the top level of .jp, the second is the co.jp which is used for companies and must have official corporate registration within Japan. Non-Japanese companies may also apply. Finally, the third form of .jp domain name is ne.jp, this .jp domain is for network service providers.

As there are incredibly strict rules within .jp domain names, the following global domain registration information should be of assistance to all business owners and website administrators interested in jp domains. Japan domain name .jp is to be used for personal or commercial sites only. For the top level .jp domain registrars, though there are no special requirements. This means that even the address in Japan is provided for top level .jp domain names. For .co.jp domain registration, only companies that are registered Japanese corporations may apply. Plus, only one .co.jp register .jp domain name may be purchased per registered company or corporation. There are also name and title rules that must be adhered to as well within global domain registration, Japan.

When choosing a .jp domain, there are specific title restrictions. Only letters, numbers or hyphens are allowed to be used and the .jp domain registration also must be a determined character length as well. For a .jp domain name that includes characters in Hiragana, Katakana, or Kanji, the domain can be up to 15 characters, which does not include the .jp. The number of ASCII .jp domain name characters may reach 63, also not including the .jp. But, if ASCII, Hiragana, Kanji, or Katakana characters are contained in the same string of a .jp normal and original domain, the character will count as a single character, whether it is considered a double byte or a single byte character. Top level .jp domains do not have a limit on the amount any one person can own. The fees and registration periods within the Japanese domain names are absolutely vital to know prior to continuing as well.

Providing a .jp based domain proves to prospective clients that the website or business within the domain truly is of Japanese origin. This in turn establishes trust and recognition for the targeted demographic. As .jp extends the reach of the website user base specifically to Japanese residents in compared to top level domains such as .com, .net, or .org, a .jp Japan domain name could increase international sale. Plus, choosing an international domain extension allows other international users to visit the site as well.

If a business already has a registered domain name under a .com, .jp is also a great way to extend the website specifically toward Japanese users. As all sales are under Japanese law, no customs or exchange rates have to be accounted for. Plus, its a perfect way to wave a Japanese flag to all potential customers. Consider .jp for a safe and secure browsing and buying experience for all business needs.

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