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Brazil Domains

Bulk Domain Registration .BR - Brazil Domains

In order to proceed with bulk .BR domain registration ;please enter in our domain search engine the terms that you wish to register. Each entered Brazil domain name should be separated by a space or a line. If your domain in Brazil is available, you will need to fill up a simple order form, payment options are: Credit Card, PAYPAL and Bank Deposit. If you need a hosting plan, the form will give you the option to select a plan with your .BR Domain Names.


Domain Registration fee Years
.com.br $  29 1
.tv.br $  29 1
.net.br $  29 1
.org.br $  33 1
.eco.br $  29 1
.med.br $  29 1
Prices in U.S. Dollars
Requirements for domains  

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Bulk Domain Registration: Brazil

Sole proprietors, business organizations, government agencies, and other commercially structured establishments may not opt to depend on search engines to drive traffic to their websites. One alternative method includes bulk domain registration. Bulk domain names will re-direct traffic to one main website if properly constructed and interlinked together. Generally, Internet surfers do not understand or even know that different domain name extensions exist. Most type in a keyword into their preferred web browser address bar and then add a generic domain name extension, such as .com to the end of it. For instance, if one was interested in hotel information, then it makes sense to search for a generic term by typing in a simple URL command, such as "hotels.com."

Some e-commerce owners and operators may have thousands of domain names registered for the sole point of redirecting traffic to their main website. Moreover, these owners may choose to purchase bulk domain name extensions for investment reasons. In other words, some will purchase a vast amount of domain name extensions in hopes of one day selling it to a prospective buyer for a sizable profit. This exact situation has happened before in the past where two generic domain names were purchased before its time and then bought out by a prospective client. The generic top-level domain name "loans.com" was purchased for more than 3.5 million dollars, while as "business.com" was sold for an impressive 7 million dollars. However, these are rare cases with incredibly odd chances of ever happening again, so don't bet on striking it rich with bulk domain name purchases. Most bulk domain name registrants will purchase bulk packages in the hundreds, which likely requires the owners to seek out a competitively priced domain name registration service, such as Marcaria.com. Not all accredited domain name registration services are capable of handling bulk domain packages or renewing them.

Marcaria, an accredited global domain registration service, offers different international domains. In order to register a country code top-level domain name in Brazil (.com.br), clients must have a company incorporated within the country itself. Marcaria will provide free local representation in Brazil at no extra cost. Additionally, Marcia will send ownership certificates for users who choose this alternative route.

Prospective clients should begin with the bulk domain registration process by entering the desired .br domain name into the free DNS search tool to verify its availability. Always include the .br domains in the search box in the same way that an Internet user would enter a web address, such as "mywebaddress.br." Selecting the ".com.br" domain name extension will likely drive the most traffic to the main website because ".com.br" is the most popular domain extension in South America. In fact, clients can not select an isolated ".br" extension due to its unavailability. Only Brazilian residents with a CNPJ or CNJ number can register a ".com.br" top-level domain name extension. Marcaria can offer a .br domain name trustee service for all Brazilian residents that do not have the aforementioned requirements. A .br domain name trustee service grants registration rights to the registrant over the domain name if the Brazilian resident requirement is met. Marcaria also offers other options for secondary Brazilian top-level domain name extensions, including ".tv.br," ".net.br," and ".org.br." All four country code top-level domain name extensions require a registration free of $85 for one year of service. Other Marcaria-sponsored web registration services related to bulk domain names in Brazil include free Google apps integration, free e-mail and web forwarding, free DNS records management, and free local representation in Brazil. Other legal and processing fees may apply at the discretion of Marcaria.com, although these cases are rare.

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