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Domain Registration in Luxembourg - .LU Domains  

Register your .LU domains in Luxembourg. Please enter in our .LU domain search engine the term that you wish to register. If your .LU domain is available you will need to fill up a simple order form. Together with the registration of your domain, you may use our free of charge servers for web forwarding or email account configuration. Alternatively, you have the possibility of requesting a Hosting plan together with the purchase of your domain, or after. Payment options are: Credit Card, PayPal and Bank Deposit.
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What are the registration requirements for .LU domains?

There are no requirements for buying .LU domains.

What does .LU stand for?

.LU represents the official domain extension or the internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) of Luxembourg. This domain extension was introduced in 1995 and was intended for entities with connection to Luxembourg. DNS-LU is the authorized body for carrying out .LU registry and daily management. In the past, (dot)LU is only possible to register through fax or via postal mail. Today, applicants are advised to register .LU domains via accredited registrars like Marcaria.com.

LU also stands for: love you, Lego Universe, level up, Luton (UK postal code), Lucent technologies, land use, learning unit, logical unit, location update, and line unit.

Why register a .LU domain?

Luxembourg is strategically located at the heart of major European countries namely Germany, Belgium and France. Despite being small and landlocked, the country is one of the most highly developed lifestyle quality in the world. Luxembourg is a First World country with major source of income coming from banking and finance sectors. Hence, lucrative employment opportunities are available for bankers, accountants and financial advisors. 

Luxembourg is known as a tax haven for foreign investors as the country’s taxation rates are low and tax regulations are relaxed. The favorable taxation system encourages more startups and investments resulting to higher income and better overall economic condition. This is also the primary reason why multinational companies and overseas firms are attracted to this territory.

Before you invest in Luxembourg, it is advisable to register .LU domains for your online presence. Using the country’s international abbreviation for your website address is advantageous in the following ways:
  • .LU domain extension helps in establishing a professional image in the online market of Luxembourg. It shows that your website is dedicated to serving local consumers and implies that your company has a long-term plan of business operations in this country.
  • .LU domain extension helps in promoting local brand awareness. When internet users visit your website and see your web URL address, they know right away that your goods/services are intended for Luxembourgers even without direct explanation on the site.
  • .LU domain extension helps in building a customer base in Luxembourg. Instead of targeting a global customer base, it’s wise to focus on one group of audience. Using the .LU domain suffix is a simple way to make your website relevant in the Luxembourg market. It acts as filtering tool and allows you to divert your marketing efforts to your target audience.
  • .LU domain extension is compatible with organic SEO campaigns. It works well with white hat SEO strategies and does not hurt Google page rank. It allows you to optimize your website and drive targeted visitors to your site.
  • .LU domain extension is useful in domain hacking and shortening URLs. Examples: www.honolu.lu instead of www.honolulu.com or www.antif.lu instead of www.antiflu.com. Register now!