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Domain Registration in Micronesia - .FM Domains  

Register your .FM domains in Micronesia. Please enter in our .FM domain search engine the term that you wish to register. If your .FM domain is available you will need to fill up a simple order form. Together with the registration of your domain, you may use our free of charge servers for web forwarding or email account configuration. Alternatively, you have the possibility of requesting a Hosting plan together with the purchase of your domain, or after. Payment options are: Credit Card, PayPal and Bank Deposit.
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What are the registration requirements for .FM domains?

There are no requirements for buying .FM domains.

What does .FM stand for?

.FM represents the official domain extension or the internet country code top level domain (ccTLD) of Micronesia. FM stands for the Federated States of Micronesia. This ccTLD was introduced in 1995 and was intended for entities wishing to establish connection with Micronesia. dotFM (BRS Media Inc.) is the authorized agency for carrying out its registry. On the other hand, applications for .FM domains are processed via accredited registrars such as Marcaria.com. (dot)FM domains are generally marketed to websites related to FM (frequency modulation) radio. 

FM also stands for: football manager, follow me, final mix, forward motion, facility management, financial manager, factory made, Family Mart, full moon, family medicine, fish meal, file management, and many more.

Why register a .FM domain?

Micronesia is a country situated in the Pacific Ocean. It is comprised of more than 600 islands with 4 major states namely Yap, Chuuk, Pohnpei and Kosrae. The country’s economic activities are driven by fishing and agriculture. Over $20 million are generated yearly from fish exports, mainly to Japan. Tourism is also a great source of income since the country is a primary attraction for scuba divers and people interested in marine life.

Why invest in Micronesia? There are lucrative investment opportunities to explore in Micronesia particularly in the industry sector. Construction companies, airlines as well as accommodation services are needed as more tourists are expected to visit Micronesia.

Before you invest in Micronesia, why not register your own .FM domain website? This is advantageous to your business in the following ways:
  • .FM domain can add a professional reputation to your website. You are able to demonstrate the connection of your company with Micronesia simply by adopting its internet extension. Web visitors have a perception that your business is legit which is essential in becoming successful in this country.
  • .FM domain can show that your company has a deep commitment to conduct business in Micronesia and that you are exclusively serving local consumers. It helps in boosting the trust level of your customers and making your business sustainable in the long run.
  • .FM domain can enhance your marketing and online promotion campaigns. It supports your long-term goals of positioning your brand name in Micronesia as a premium alternative to its counterparts. This benefit is possible because this ccTLD is widely popular in this region.
  • .FM domain can strengthen your local SEO campaign. This is particularly more effective if your optimization methods are 100% white hat and compliant with Google rules. ccTLDs are treated by Google as equally important with .COM extension. This means that you can optimize your web pages without worrying about penalties or getting removed from the search results.
  • .FM domain can set a clear definition of who your target customer is. By adopting this ccTLD, you are making it clear that your primary customers are located in Micronesia. This makes your online marketing techniques more focused on the right group of audience.