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Malta Trademark Registration 

In order to obtain trademark protection in Malta you can register your trademark in two ways: First option is that you request registration in the entire European Union with one single application; this can be done via the Community Trademark agreement which grants trademark protection in the 28 country members of the EU. (More info here). Second option is that you register directly your trademark in Malta. If you want to proceed this way please follow the steps described below.

Attorneys - Malta

My name is Celia Mifsud and I'm the representative Attorney in Malta.

I'll be personally in charge of your trademark registration process.
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Marcaria.com will process your trademark registration in Malta through the following steps:


Trademark Comprehensive Study   Step 1. Trademark Comprehensive Study:
A trademark search report with an attorney's analysis and opinion about registration probabilities in Malta.
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Trademark Registration Request   Step 2. Trademark Registration Request:
Our trademark attorneys will file and process your trademark application before the Trademark Office in Malta.
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