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About Us

Marcaria.com is a leading web portal for global registration and protection of trademarks and domain names.
The company has over 18 years of experience and has provided services to over 120,000 clients in more than 220 countries and territories.

Trademark Registration Process

The trademark registration services are executed by licensed attorneys who review the applications and follow the process, reporting the progress in a timely manner and delivering a personalized, fast and high-quality service.


The clients have different profiles, ranging from individuals who wish to protect one trademark in one country, or intellectual property attorneys with numerous clients, to large companies that need to protect their rights in multiple countries. Marcaria.com is committed to providing each of its clients with an efficient high-quality service at a competitive price.

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Account Managers

The team of Account Managers is formed by professionals from diverse nationalities, with the ability to serve clients in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, among other languages. The main role of the Account Manager is to deliver information related to the trademark registration process, coordinate the service applications with the respective Attorneys in each country, and provide each client with a personalized and high-quality attention.


Marcaria.com takes pride in the global reach and professional experience of their Attorney network, formed by more than 220 law firms around the world. In cooperation with these law firms, Marcaria.com has vast experience administering a large volume of trademark and intellectual property services, achieving a high degree of confidence, effectiveness and quality of service.

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Our Credentials

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Our Services
Trademark Services

Through Marcaria.com, clients can register and protect their trademarks in over 220 countries and territories, including all available trademark treaties. The trademark registration services are handled by Attorneys that specialize in intellectual property, ensuring a high quality service together with the personalized attention of the team of Account Managers.


Trademark Registration

Registering a trademark prevents third parties from using the same corporate identity to sell other products. With registration, the mark is protected and possible consumer confusion is avoided.

Marcaria.com manages the trademark registration process through the following three steps:

  • Trademark Comprehensive Study: Attorneys conduct a study that includes a trademark search together with an analysis of the probabilities of registration. This report is optional but highly recommended. 
  • Trademark Registration Request: Attorneys file the trademark application in the trademarks office. 
  • Trademark Registration Certificate: Once the trademark is approved for registration, the registration certificate can be obtained.
Trademark Management

The online interface lists all of the filed trademarks by user and shows the relevant information of each one. For example, filing date, filing number, registration number, among other. The interface also sends the user reminders of important dates and/or expirations; such as, declarations of use, renewals, etc.

Trademark Renewals

The management of renewal dates can be time consuming and highly complex, especially for clients with an international portfolio of trademarks in isolated jurisdictions.

Marcaria.com efficiently manages renewals through a trademark tracking system. Clients are informed of renewal dates, and courtesy reminders are sent so that trademarks can be renewed in a timely manner.

Trademark Watch

The Trademark Watch Service detects any application in the publication stage that could cause infractions, offering the client the possibility of filing an opposition in a timely manner.

Other Intellectual Property Services

Other intellectual property services performed by the specialist attorneys are:

  • Trademark transfers and assignments.
  • Change of name and address of owner of the mark.
  • Responses to objections.
  • Cease and desist letters.
  • Declaration of use filings.
  • Other trademarks defenses.


Domain Services

Marcaria.com is an ICANN Accredited Domain Registrar and an Official Domain Registrar in more than 60 countries and 400 generic extensions (gTLDs).


International Domain Registration

The company registers domains in over 220 countries and international territories, including over 1000 extensions. All generic and sponsored top-level domains, such as .com, .net, & .biz, .guru, .club, .london, etc. are also registered.

The complete list of domain extensions we offer can be seen here.

All domain registrations include:

  • Free Email forwarding: allows to create unlimited email accounts and forward those emails to a pre-existing email address.
  • Free URL forwarding: links the new domain to an existing website.
  • Free Parking: if the user does not have a hosting service, the domain will be registered using the DNS servers of Marcaria.com
  • Free DNS (A, MX, CNAME) record management.
  • Free Local Representation: Marcaria.com provides free local representation in some countries that have this requirement for domain registration.
Domain Management

Through the online interface, the user has complete control over the entire domain portfolio, where DNS servers andDNS records (A, MX, CNAME) can be updated, and email forwarding and URL forwarding can be setup.

To ensure continuity and smooth operation, Marcaria.com notifies the clients about renewal dates in a timely manner.

Hosting Services

Marcaria.com offers Hosting plans according to the clients needs. The company has high-speed servers and a professional trained staff that will maximize your investment in technology. Marcaria.com supplies the best hardware, software and staff support to ensure that the systems are always available and working properly.


Additional Website Features

Security & Privacy

Marcaria.com is PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant, meeting the requirements and standards for the security, management, policies, procedures, network architecture, software design and other critical information protective measures. These standards are intended to help users with the protections of information. Additionally, Marcaria.com also abides to the strict confidentiality policies, verified by TRUSTe®.

Customer Service

Marcaria.com offers a professional and high-quality customer service. The company is recognized for the personalized attention that is provided to the clients. For any questions, the Account Managers can provide help via email, chat or telephone.


The payment alternatives available are credit card, PayPal, and bank transfer in US Dollars.