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Nos clients ont différents profils, des individus qui veulent créer un site internet ou protéger leurs marques, ou encore de grandes entreprises qui souhaitent protéger leurs noms de domaines.
Plus de 90.000 clients nous font déjà confiance ; nous nous engageons à leur offrir un service rapide et de qualité à un prix compétitif. L’opinion de nos clients nous intéresse ; chaque commentaire est pris très au sérieux afin d’améliorer constamment nos services.


Ce que nos Clients disent de nous:                                        International, Inc., Trademark Consultant, Miami, FL

septembre 16, 2019
"Good, I'm satisfied". Awesome Services as always
Koch Beukes

septembre 15, 2019
"Good, I'm satisfied". Professional, Patience, Timely. Very satisfied!
Joe Li

septembre 15, 2019
"Good, I'm satisfied". Good customer service, he replied promptly and took good care for each question.
Xiao Yi Pan

septembre 13, 2019
"Good, I'm satisfied". Excellent ! Thanks
Peak Commerce Pty Ltd

septembre 10, 2019
"Good, I'm satisfied". Good support
Tozzi Massimo

septembre 4, 2019
"Good, I'm satisfied". Very helpful and comprehensive answer to my question.
james edmonds

septembre 4, 2019
"Good, I'm satisfied". Support is excellent.
hariharan gb

septembre 3, 2019
"Good, I'm satisfied". Great support service!
Pedro Almeida

août 30, 2019
"Good, I'm satisfied". Excellent support services.
Pedro Almeida

août 26, 2019
"Good, I'm satisfied". As always, the support at is superb. Much better than at any other domain registrar.
Rotary International

août 22, 2019
"Good, I'm satisfied". Extremely professional and understanding of my situation. Immediately reacted to my request. Very satisfied.
Nicola Breymaier

août 22, 2019
"Good, I'm satisfied". Nice services. Thanks!
Domain Administrator

août 21, 2019
"Good, I'm satisfied". Exceptional!
Claudia Vieira

août 20, 2019
"Good, I'm satisfied". Thanks for the prompt service.
Denise Shanklin

août 16, 2019
"Good, I'm satisfied". Very helpful, quick, and knowledgeable.
Linda Hashlamoun

août 15, 2019
"Good, I'm satisfied". As always great customer support! Timely follow-ups and I always feel like I'm in good hands. Keep up the good work!
Ben Borowski

août 15, 2019
"Good, I'm satisfied". Thank you for support
Lindley PIERRE

août 14, 2019
"Good, I'm satisfied". I have never had anything but great customer service from Marcaria

août 14, 2019
"Good, I'm satisfied". Your customer support at Marcaria is what makes you different! Keep up the amazing customer experience which you deliver. Regards Paul
Paul Hopkins

août 13, 2019
"Good, I'm satisfied". You and your team offer great service, at a great value. Because of that you can expect to see more business from me and my company in the future. Thank you.
Christopher Addeo

août 13, 2019
"Good, I'm satisfied". Thank you for the support you have given me and all the information. It was great.
Mohammed Ali

août 9, 2019
"Good, I'm satisfied". Everything went smooth. Marcaria support did a great job.
Sean Reilly

août 8, 2019
"Good, I'm satisfied". The service is exceptional. I was helped promptly
Mike Mudimba

août 7, 2019
"Good, I'm satisfied". I'm impressed with how quickly all the domains I requested are being processed.

août 6, 2019
"Good, I'm satisfied". absolutley happy
Rabbi Barry Fineman

août 6, 2019
"Good, I'm satisfied". Great help and fast responses.

août 5, 2019
"Good, I'm satisfied". Really quick response and clear communication
Howard Winetroube

août 2, 2019
"Good, I'm satisfied". Top notch service!
Matthew James

août 2, 2019
"Good, I'm satisfied". Always the best support, thank you
John Spiropulos

août 1, 2019
"Good, I'm satisfied". very easy to use website, quick registration, I asked a question in a chat message a few days ago and got a very quick answer that helped me to move on!
Marieke van den Brand

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