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A Young Inventor's Guide to Trademarks and Patents

Have you ever wanted to become an inventor? An inventor is a person or group of people who create something new. This can be an object, a process or a technique. Inventors have been around since the beginning of time. An example of an invention that changed the way people live is electricity. The Wright Brothers have made it possible for people to fly all over the world. This changed the way people lived in their everyday life. Travel became a common experience that was not readily available as it is today before the invention of the airplane.

Inventions all begin with an idea that is explored and modified. Once the idea has gone from an idea to an actual prototype, a patent or trademark can protect the invention from other people stealing it and claiming they invented it. There are many famous inventors who were children interested in creating something new and useful. Blaise Pascal, a 19 year old child, invented the first mechanical adding machine. This has been helpful to so many people, hundreds of years later. Fifteen year old Louis Braille developed a system of raised dots that made it possible for blind people to read. This system is called Braille, and blind people today would not be able to read without this invention. There is a world of possibilities out there for children to invent new and exciting inventions. Read on to find out how to become an inventor and ways to use your creativity for the greater good of humanity.


Famous Inventors and Inventions

Inventions for Kids

  • Inventive Kids: A site with fun games and contests for kids interested in inventions and becoming an inventor.
  • National Gallery of Young Inventors: National Museum of Education lists the inductions of young inventors and gives information their inventions.
  • Howtoons: A do it yourself website just for kids that has step by step instructions on the scientific method in cartoons and comics.
  • Design Squad: Shows how kids’ inventions come to life from the idea, to the sketches, to the prototype.
  • Camp Invent: A week long camp that focuses on inventing and helps with problem solving and team work skills.
  • Bill Nye The Science Guy: Episodes of a television series about science and inventions.
  • Young Inventors: Many young inventors have created some neat inventions. This site gives a list of some fun inventions by kids.
  • Invention Dimension: A site that celebrates the innovation of inventions with young Americans.
  • Chevron Cars: Lists many great inventions that were created by kids.
  • How Product are Made: An overview of inventors and the process of making their products come to life.
  •  Rube Goldberg Inventions: A man who invented funny and comical over the top inventions. His made up inventions are made into a comic.
  • Inventors Toolbox: A list of tools for and elements of machines that every young inventor should know.
  • US First: An inspirational website that shows how amazing kids invented great things. They host contests and events regularly.
  • Fun Brain: Fun games for young inventors and scientists.
  • Kid Inventors Day: A site dedicated to helping kids celebrate being inventors.
  • Academy of Applied Science: Great learning resource for kids. The offer fun programs that educate and enrich young inventors.
  • Club Invention: This is a club for child inventors that was started by the National Inventors Hall of Fame Foundation.

Protecting Your Inventions